Solution of Smart Campus
With a strong focus on improving the park’s overall service ability and user experience, Huaxin Smart Campus Solution realizes the seamless data docking and application empowerment among various subsystems in the park through the latest IOT, big data and AI technologies and data middle ground, so as to improve the park’s management efficiency greatly. The solution is applicable to the application scenarios such as the construction of brand-new park and intelligent upgrading of existing park. It has been used in many projects both at home and abroad.
Idea of Smart Campus Solution
Emphasize product building and user experience and improve service ability.
Solution Functions
Solution Value
Typical Cases
Shenzhen Intelligent Building of Zhonghai Real Estate Province: Guangdong Time: 2019
Project demand
With total building area of 95,000 m2, the building is composed of Block A, B, C and D and podium building. It is an international Class A standard high-rise office building (max. net height: 150 m). As the office building of Shenzhen Headquarters of Zhonghai Real Estate, it needs office and intelligent building solution.
The POL solution adopted undertakes the enterprise office businesses (e.g. office, Internet, phone and WIFI coverage); the intelligent network supports the security businesses (e.g. video monitoring, information release and access control).
Customer value
The all optical network is oriented to all businesses. Short delivery cycle and low network failure ratio High O&M efficiency and low OPEX
The UK
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