ALE Partners with Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat in Delivering “Tech Classic Aesthetics”

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As a world-leading network communications solution provider, ALE (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise) has turned Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat into a paragon of “Tech Classic Aesthetics” by using its industry-leading, high-performance, and highly reliable network and voice solution. As the first luxury eco hotel of Shimao Group in China, Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat partners with ALE and equip itself with high-quality facilities in terms of software and hardware. It has succeeded in providing guests with a convenient, stable, secure, and on-demand imperceptible ultimate user experience; it has become more efficient in its operations and reduced managerial complexity and collaboration costs.

Opened in September 2020, Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat is under Yutopia, a luxury resort brand of Shimao Group. It is the first Song Dynasty-style boat-rowing retreat of Yutopia and even in China. Geographically, it is located at the heart of the Wuyi Mountain scenic area, a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site. Neighboring Binxi Park, it faces the Dawang Peak across the Chongyang Stream. It is 10 minutes from the scenic area on foot. In terms of the architectural layout, the hotel covers a ground area of about 110,000 square meters, where low-density buildings are distributed rhythmically. As for the ambience design, the hotel is deeply integrated with the landscape and culture, especially classical Confucian culture, of the Wuyi Mountain. Not only does it look classically beautiful, mysterious, and tranquil; it also features an interior design adopting such landscaping methods as bamboos, moss slopes, stone pilings, and winding paths. Here, a “Winding Boat-song and Boat-rowing Scenery” waterway is built, fascinating the guests who feel as if they were in Shangri-La.

Whether it is the geographic location or facilities inside it, ambience creation or guest service, the hotel attains the best industry standard in both software and hardware. As such, it needs to get a high-standard network and voice solution to match its status as an upscale resort. It has fully addressed the challenges of scattered buildings inside the hotel, diverse application scenarios, and a complex climate environment, surmounted the difficulty of a short delivery timeframe, and completed the deployment quickly. For this, ALE designed a total solution customized for the hotel and comprehensively introduced such products as OmniSwitch series switches, OmniAccess Stellar series wireless access points, and unified network management system to achieve wired/wireless unified access. The hotel has realized the following:

        ●Simplified deployment at the hotel through the brand-new distributed intelligent wireless network technology of the ALE solution, effectively saving on the configuration time of the IT staff and O&M costs;

        ●Using application-identifying technology, the hotel can conduct visual management of online applications and optimize the actual utilization rate of bandwidth;

          ●While ALE provides wired/wireless network equipment, the hotel can easily achieve simplified, one-stop maintenance service.

        ●At present, no matter where the guest is at the hotel, he/she can enjoy Internet connections without borders; meanwhile, all the equipment and IoT facilities of the entire hotel can access the high-speed Wi-Fi network anywhere at any time.

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