Poly Huaxin Optical Transmission System Helps the World's First 600 km/hour High-speed Maglev Transportation System Successfully Roll off the Assembly Line

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Recently, the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system with the speed of 600 km/hour successfully rolled off the assembly line in Qingdao. This system has completely independent intellectual property rights, which solves the difficulties of high-speed maglev speed improvement, complex environment adaptability and core system localization, and realizes major breakthrough in complete engineering technology such as system integration, vehicles, traction power supply, operation control communication and line track, etc. The dedicated optical transmission solution for the rail transit industry independently developed by Poly Huaxin provides the information transmission platform for the electric traction power supply system of CRRC Times with high-reliability design, low transmission delay and jitter and excellent business isolation, which has completed the innovative application in this technical field.

Poly Huaxin Has Basically Realized the Independent R&D Capability of the Entire High-speed Maglev Transportation System

High-speed maglev has always been a blank in China's transportation speed pedigree. In 2019, high-speed maglev, as a key cutting-edge technology, was included in the "National Outline for Building a Powerful Transportation Country". As a national key scientific and technological project of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the successful development of the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600km/hour indicates that China has basically realized the independent R&D capabilities of the entire high-speed maglev transportation system, formed a complete set of engineering technology, and achieved independent and controllable industrial supporting capabilities. The high-speed maglev of China has entered the high-speed test stage from the R&D stage, and will gradually transit to the stage of demonstration operation and industrialization development.

About the "Traction Power Supply Optical Transmission System" of Poly Huaxin

The traction power supply system is one of the key links in the entire high-speed maglev system. It needs to rely on a set of high-reliability and low-delay optical transmission system to realize the real-time and efficient transmission of its control and detection signals.

With more than 20 years of experience in the rail transit industry, combining the strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Poly Huaxin provides the traction power supply information transmission platform with unique advantages such as high reliability, low delay and jitter, and business isolation.

• High reliability

Reliability is the foundation of the operation of the entire system and is of the top priority of the entire architecture. Each substation is equipped with two node devices. The stations are connected by upstream and downstream optical cables. The two nodes in the station are connected by fiber jumpers. The entire network forms a grid structure. Moreover, each node device is connected to the core modules such as main control, exchange and power supply, and redundant configuration is adopted for these modules. The adoption of this architecture can ensure that the system availability of the station is >99.999%.

• Low delay and jitter

A large number of real-time sampling control signals need to be transmitted within and between stations through the transmission network. These sampling control signals have the characteristics of small data volume and high frequency, therefore, it has very high requirements on the delay and jitter of transmission. Poly Huaxin information transmission platform adopts grid design to ensure that the distance of signal transmission optical cable is fixed, avoiding the change of transmission path caused by ring network protection, thereby introducing excessive transmission delay. In addition, this structure can ensure that the long line of thousands of kilometers will not introduce greater signal transmission delay.

• Business isolation

In addition to transmitting the most important detection and control signals, how to avoid interference between different businesses and exclusive resource bandwidth is particularly important. The comprehensive information transmission platform provided by Poly Huaxin optimizes the channel structure according to the logical relationship of the transmitted control signals, thus avoiding occupation by the invalid resources. It provides dedicated channels for different services, allocates dedicated bandwidth, and adopts strict bandwidth supervision end-to-end to avoid mutual influence.

Moreover, Poly Huaxin optical transmission system adopts consolidus industrial-level design. It is capable of supporting operations in specific environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust and strong electromagnetic interference with operating temperature -20°C~+65°C, no fan cooling, etc., thus improving the adaptability in harsh industrial environments.

Poly Huaxin Helps China Build the "Country with Strong Science and Technology" and "Country with Strong Transportation"

As a cutting-edge scientific and technological achievement in the world's transportation field, the high-speed maglev is a major "commanding height" in the world's rail transportation field and a strategic highland in global transportation technology competition. Its successful development will become an important supplement to China's high-speed transportation, and has significant and profound significance for China to build a new engine for high-end equipment industry, form new advantages in rail transportation, seize the commanding height in scientific and technological competition, accelerate the construction of a modern comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and support the strategy of "Country with Strong Science and Technology" and "Country with Strong Transportation".

It is reported that a number of domestic high-speed maglev lines including Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao high-speed maglev line, Shanghai- (Shenzhen) Guangzhou high-speed maglev line, Hefei-Wuhu line, Kunming-Lijiang line, etc. have begun planning and demonstration. Poly Huaxin will continue to provide reliable and safe industrial-level optical transmission systems with rich industry experience, strong independent R&D and production capabilities, and localized support services. With our ability to deliver end-to-end communication integration solutions, Poly Huaxin will constantly provide the innovative power for the development of China's transportation industry.


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