Walking by the Nile—— Record of Poly Huaxin Egypt Project

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The total length is 69.226 km.
It links Cairo, the 10th of Ramadan City and the new administrative capital of Egypt,
with 12 stations,1 depot,1 control center,2 traction substations,and 3 section posts.
There is the working place of Poly Huaxin Egypt Project Team
where they work furiously.


The 10th of Ramadan City Railway in Egypt
is the landmark project for Poly Huaxin to respond positively to the the Belt and Road initiative of China,
and it is also new breakthrough for China's rail transit system to enter the countries along the Belt and Road.


Poly Huaxin in conjunction with CASCO
to provide a complete integration solution for communication, control and signal systems for this Egyptian light rail line.We are also responsible for end-to-end service from system design, supply, installation and testing to acceptance,and a 12-year maintenance guarantee.


Speed up the project construction    

"In order to provide Egyptian users with a technologically advanced, safe and reliable urban rail communication signal system, we have worked tirelessly and are duty-bound to do so!"


The climate here is dry and hot with daytime temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, this is the real condition in the construction site.The whole construction period of the project is only 21 months. In order to deliver the project on time, Team members work tirelessly.The tough working environment cannot stop their unswerving steps.As a result, the project progresses orderly and efficiently. This is what we have achieved.


Light rail lines Laying of interzone cable trough


Site investigation Construction site


Fight against the epidemics    

"The Epidemics is an irresistible factor, but each member of the project team strictly abides by epidemic prevention requirements to ensure ‘safety comes first’ and ‘zero infection for all staff’."

At present, the overseas epidemic situation is still not optimistic. Under this special historical period and specific conditions, the team members never slow down their work under the impact of epidemic situation, but actively and steadily promote the construction under the premise of ensuring safety.


During the busy project implementation, despite difficulties, they strictly abide by the domestic and local epidemic prevention policies, comprehensively build up the "epidemic prevention wall" of the project, so as to ensure the safe epidemic prevention and the smooth performance of the contract.


Communication on design scheme between project team members and the supervisor Weekly meeting between project team members and the supervisor and the owner


Ensure quality with professional competence    

"The biggest challenge at the moment is the tight schedule and strict requirements, but it won't stop us! Huaxin workers are not afraid of difficulties, we have the courage to race against time and make the impossible possible!"

When they undertaking this important government railway project in North Africa, the Egyptian project team members had a goal in mind:to bring "Chinese technology" to the world and let the owner experience the hardcore project execution capability of Poly Huaxin!

Faced with the shortened construction schedule and repeated changes in the owner's requirements, the project team members demonstrated their professional and efficient integration capability during the fullcycle implementation of the project,including demand control, scheme design, equipment procurement and project delivery.

Not only the integration schemes of communication and control system are designed according to EU/US standards, but also all system components are procured and installed in accordance with relevant EU/US standards.


On-site communication meeting with the owner Depot Building


Take pains to ensure the traffic open    

"Everyone has their own life. But when we come to Egypt, we hope to achieve everybody's better future."

In order to conduct the trial operation on time, everyone restrains their homesickness and makes concerted effort. Almost every day, they shall communicate and negotiate with the owner, the supervisor and the consortium, and participate in more than ten coordination meetings every week. And it is not uncommon to be so busy to forget to eat.


Each worktable is piled up with design drawings and communication schemes, and these documents need to be discussed repeatedly with the owner and the supervisor for modification and improvement.According to statistics, there are nearly 500 detailed design documents and nearly 300 key detailed design documents for 16 subsystems of communication and control.

It is the quiet dedication and high sense of responsibility of the project team members that make the trivial and heavy work orderly and makes it possible to complete the project tasks on schedule.


Team members  working late at night Stick to the post


The "Made in China" light rail line is now entering the final countdown.
In our firm belief,with the painstaking efforts of the team members,the smooth opening to traffic will certainly be completed as scheduled!

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