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Embedded Software Development Engineer

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise(Social Recruitment)

Job responsibilities
  • 1. Participate in the company's product and project development, complete analysis of product demand, functional design and module development.
  • 2. Complete code writing and debugging according to project schedule requirements.
  • 3. Perform unit testing and integration testing to ensure product quality and write related documents;
  • 4. Cooperate with software test engineers, participate in the creation of test plans, and solve problems occurred in the development/testing process.
  • 5. Responsible for analyzing, locating, repairing product defects, and providing related reports;
  • 6. Timely feedback the development progress and status, improve code quality, shorten the delivery cycle, and assist in improving the development process.
Job qualification

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communications, computer, electronic engineering.

2. Proficiency in C/C++ programming, familiar with Linux embedded system.

3. Have good English communication and writing skills.

4. Strong sense of responsibility, able to work independently, with good team spirit.

5. One or more of the following experiences are preferred:

· Foundation of Android development;

· Familiar with Shell programming, QT, Java, Javascript, HTML, etc.;

· IPV6, audio, video, UI, MOS, Jitter Buffer, etc.;

·Experience in VoIP product and SIP related product development;

· Knowledge of IP networks.

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