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Overseas Wireless Solution Manager

China Huaxin Post and Telecom Technologies Co.,Ltd.(Social Recruitment)

Job responsibilities
  • 1. Make wireless access solutions
  • 1) Familiar with the trend of the access,know well about 3GPP 4/5G specifications.
  • 2) Prepare end to end network architecture and wireless technical proposal.
  • 3) Cost optimization.
  • 2. On site customer support
  • 1) Know wireless network planning rule, understand customer network architecture.
  • 2) Influence customer network based on Huaxin’s product and solutions.
  • 3) Overseas technical clarification and customer presentation.
Job qualification

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in communications, computer, electronic application, etc.

2. 3-5 years or more experience in wireless (4/5G) professional solution.

3. Strong customer awareness and service awareness.

4. Proficient in English plan writing and customer communication skills.

5. Excellent English-speaking ability

6. Willing to be on a business trip for a long time and can accept long-term overseas assignment.


1. The domestic working place of this job is Shanghai.

2. Have overseas assignment allowances during overseas period.

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